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Volume 1 Part 1 “DAWN OF CHAOS 1” is the continuation of issue #0. As we follow the young prince who is being manipulated by ORGANDI himself. The MABAYA ANAKUJA an evil sect of the MAKAZI who are loyal worshipers to the dark-lord ORGANDI have assemble to ensure the return of their evil deity. The Newborn spirits are lost, scattered all over Africa, unaware of their Great destiny. Princess Komi is charged with the mandate to re-unite the NEWBORN warriors and save mankind from desolation and destruction.

Volume 1 Part 2 “DAWN OF CHAOS 2”  Follows Araali the young monk, returns to Africa from ASIA to enact revenge for the murder of his parents and sacking of his village. He therefore encounters OIN the ancient enchanter who also discovers the remainder of the MLEZI’S AGULA from the INRI nation and king Zama of Zimbabwe. Everyone is set on a journey to reunite while the MABAYA ANAKUJA re-enforces their ranks.

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“This comic is a study in what forward thinking representations of Afrofuturism can be when they’re inclusive of the continent. Complete with mythology, folklore, fantasy and a little bit of magic, it’s clear why “The Chronicles of the Newborn” is award winning.”

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