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Ripped apart from his kin by merciless marauders, he defies death in his unwavering pursuit of vengeance. Unbeknownst to him, his relentless path is intertwined with an extraordinary destiny as a Mlezi. Renowned as “The Unbreakable,” he emerges from the ancient Kingdom of Kongo, established by Lukeni lua Nim. Nestled in Northern Angola, Cabinda, the Kingdom of Kongo serves as his ancestral home.

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  1. SF

    As a teacher I used this comic to launch a unit on the Kingdom of Kongo and will also use for a unit on different styles of stories. My own kids love the characters and it’s a refreshing break form the NYC centered comics that dominate the scene. So happy to have copies for my kids and students who were enthralled with every page.

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