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In the year 2099, Gaddafi’s vision of a united Africa becomes a reality, with all countries united under one African president and a currency backed by Africa’s rich natural resources. However, this achievement comes at a price. Before his death, Gaddafi had enlisted the help of Castro and Thomas Sankara, using ancient knowledge and the Nummo’s assistance to unlock advanced technology. Their plan was to establish the United African Countries (UAC) and prepare for the Nummo’s return, who would then restore the balance of mankind through domination. Although Gaddafi couldn’t fully realize his plans, 23 years later, the UAC is formed, and the Dogon-Mali Mafia emerges as an organized crime syndicate representing the UAC’s global interests. A former member, excommunicated and believed to be dead, returns with mystical powers and joins forces with the Knights of The Nummo to fight injustice in the UAC and beyond. Welcome to the Nummo World Order.

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