In the ancient Oyo Empire, Yejidaa rises as a formidable warrior, carrying the weight of her lineage. Descended from Sango, the legendary thunder god, she is destined for greatness. From the foundation of the Yoruba nation by Oduduwa to the founding of the Oyo Empire by Prince Oranmiyan, Yejidaa’s roots run deep in the history of Southwest Nigeria. With her extraordinary combat skills and connection to the divine, she embraces her role as the “Mother of the Orishas” and embarks on a journey to protect her people and preserve the ancient Yoruba traditions.


Height 5’8
Weight 160 lbs
Skill Weapon master, trained under the royal private guard of the oyo empire.
Powers Demi goddess strength.
Ability She is able to communicate with animals, immune to enchantments and poison.