In the ancient lands of the NRI Kingdom, a legendary warrior named Aguala emerges from the depths of history. Renowned for his unmatched bravery, Aguala stands tall as the sole conqueror of two ferocious lions, their mighty pelts forever adorning his person. Hailing from the noble tribe of Ndigbo, his veins course with the spirit of a true warrior, driven by a hero’s heart. Armed with Nmanjor, a remarkable bronze weapon infused with spiritual powers, Aguala is summoned by the resounding call of the Mlezi. As he heeds the call, Aguala embarks on a fearless journey, stepping into the center stage of destiny. The NRI Kingdom, founded by the esteemed king ERI, holds the essence of Igbo culture, tradition, and politics, making it a timeless cornerstone of the people’s heritage. Within this ancient tapestry, The Mighty Aguala’s tale unfolds, a testament to the enduring spirit of heroism and the indomitable will of a warrior.


Height 6’10
Weight 370 lbs
Skill for his height and weight he is very quick.
Powers Demi god brute strength.
Ability He is able to summon the wind of Ohanmiri the river goddess with his weapon.
He weilds the Nma Njor (Evil weapon) once belonging to a forest demon.