Renowned to be the only man to have killed two lions single handedly at the same time and wears them as his everlasting trophies. He hails from the ancient tribe of Ndigbo, a warrior by nature, hero by heart, armed with Nmanjor, made out of the finest bronze with spiritual powers, he too is awaken to the call of the Mlezi. A fearless warrior from the ancient NRI kingdom a subgroup of the Igbo people of south eastern Nigeria in West Africa. The Nri kingdom was founded by a priestly king called ERI who was believed to be a descendant of one of the sons of Jacob, the NRI kingdom is the center point and origin of the culture, tradition, politics of the igbo people. It is the oldest kingdom in NIGERIA and one of the oldest in sub-Saharan Africa.


Height 6’10
Weight 370 lbs
Skill for his height and weight he is very quick.
Powers Demi god brute strength.
Ability He is able to summon the wind of Ohanmiri the river goddess with his weapon.
He weilds the Nma Njor (Evil weapon) once belonging to a forest demon.