Born into royalty but raised as a warrior, Princess Komi’s life takes a dramatic turn when she discovers her true destiny as the chosen one in the prophecy of the Mlezi. As she unravels the secrets of her role in the salvation of her motherland, the weight of her status becomes clear. Hailing from the ancient Asante Empire, a subgroup of the Akan people, Princess Komi embodies the spirit of her ancestors who were renowned for their wealth and warrior prowess. With the guidance of her mystical mentor, Akomfo Anokye, she embraces her calling and embarks on a journey to fulfill the prophecy and protect her people.


Height 5’10
Weight 180 lbs
Skill Master in the arts of War
Powers Demi goddess strength and Agility
Ability she is able to breathe underwater for a very long time.
Weapon  She wields an enchanted Bow created by Akomfo Anokye

 And the rune stone… a soul seeker.