Across the eons, Oin, the enigmatic enchanter, has walked the earth as the First Mlezi, veiled in enigma and ancient wisdom. Forgotten by the sands of time, his presence predates the mighty Egyptian empire, etching a legacy that spans the annals of eternity. Entrusted with the solemn duty of protecting the earthly realm, Oin serves as a stalwart guardian against celestial threats that loom beyond mortal comprehension. With his profound knowledge of ancient arts and formidable powers, he stands as a bastion of light against the encroaching darkness from the cosmos. Amidst the celestial tapestry, Oin’s journey unravels, revealing the depths of his enchantment and the indomitable spirit that defines him. Witness the timeless saga of Oin, the enchanter, as he navigates the celestial realms in a battle for the fate of all existence.

Height 6’2
Weight 250 lbs
Skill Archaic Magic and sorcery.
Powers Demi god speed, agility, strength and wields divine power.
Ability Teleportation and Mind control.
He wields the cauldrons of destiny an ancient relic used to foretell realities and travel great distances within the blink of an eye.