Within the rich tapestry of two diverse nations, Kromor, a fisherman by trade, embarks on a remarkable journey driven by destiny. His path takes an unexpected turn when betrayal strikes from within his own kingdom, forcing him to confront his true purpose. Hailing from a riverine tribe known as the Ijos or Izons, modernly referred to as the Ijaws, Kromor emerges as a warrior in his own right. The Ijaws, descendants of a legendary sky being named Ujo, hold their ancestral roots in the enchanting Niger Delta region of Nigeria. As Kromor navigates the treacherous waters of his fate, he must harness the strength of his lineage, embodying the spirit of his people. Through adversity and triumph, Kromor’s journey unveils the timeless wisdom of the riverine tribe, as he becomes an instrument of change, hope, and the fulfillment of ancient prophecies.


Height 6’2
Weight 250 lbs
Skill He is an extraordinary fisherman.
Powers Super strength, Demi God brute strength.
Ability able to leap mountains in a single bound.