AL-MAHAD: The Desert Mercenary

Amidst the unforgiving desert sands, a solitary figure traverses the dunes, embodying the essence of a hired reaper. Known as Al-Mahad, he is a nomadic mercenary, his allegiance claimed by none but himself. Haunted by a past steeped in vengeance and desolation, Al-Mahad carries the weight of ancient secrets that bestow upon him an otherworldly favor. Born as an Arabized Berber, his lineage traces back to the Almoravid Empire, the first Berber empire co-founded by the legendary Yusuf ibn Tashfin. It was within the sprawling territories of the Almoravid Empire that the majestic city of Marrakesh, the first Berber city, emerged in all its splendor. In the vast landscapes of present-day Morocco, Northwest Africa, Al-Mahad roams, his footsteps echoing the tales of his ancestors, as he navigates a treacherous path of survival, honor, and unforeseen destiny.

Height 5’10
Weight 200 lbs
Skill Stealth assassin, trained in the fighting style of the ancient sanahja and the Mokai. A sword master, innovative blacksmith and skillful weaponeer.
Powers He is able to control the elements.
Ability Able to sense fear, ability to control sand  and read thoughts.