He roams the desert sands as a mercenary, a hired reaper, loyal to no one. Drawn from a past of vengeance and desolation, but the ancient still favors him yet. He is an Arabized berber of the Almoravid empire which is the first Berber empire and was co-founded by Yusuf ibn tashfin. The Almoravid are the founders of the beautiful ancient city of Marrakesh which is also the first Berber city located in present day Morocco, Northwest Africa


Height 5’10
Weight 200 lbs
Skill Stealth assassin, trained in the fighting style of the ancient sanahja and the Mokai, a sword master, innovative blacksmith and skillful weaponeer.
Powers He is able to control the elements
Ability Able to sense fear, ability to control sand  and read thoughts