Peda Entertainment is a platform that excels in creating and developing content. We specialize in crafting African-inspired titles that draw inspiration from the rich culture of the continent. Our unique approach combines high-quality illustrations with compelling narratives centered around well-defined characters, creating a diverse range of content that transcends genres. This appeals to a wide audience within our ever-expanding multi-universe of creative minds. For the past three years, we have consistently produced exceptionally distinctive titles that showcase our dedication to innovation and our commitment to creating African-inspired content.



We are set out to bring forth new spectrum’s of thought in storytelling, showcasing the endless possibilities of creativity.


We only do Original and detailed work.


Peda entertainment is founded by Peter Chizoba Daniel who is a multiple Award-winning creator, illustrator, writer, and art director. His passion for storytelling led him to establish Peda Entertainment, a multi media servicing company based in Lagos Nigeria set out to create and publish African-inspired fantasy, scifi, action, drama and epic stories.

He’s been named one of the top 3 illustrators In Nigeria for his graceful interpretation of the Mlezi characters from his award-winning title (The most Oriented AFRICAN STORY OF 2017)

His comic ”chronicle of the Newborn rise of the Mlezi” has been featured in local and international Press, including AFROPUNK, bleeding cool, and Naicon.

He is also the creator of the Amazing tekkids, a comic book dedicated to teaching kids the power of their future, which has sold over 50,000 copies. The comic gained a partnership with COLDSTONE CREAMERY and MAPLE LEAF PRESS.

He also produced “under the sun”, a story dedicated to showcase the struggles of people with albinism in AFRICA which has won the glyph 2019 award for best New comic and Nominated for the Best Nommo awards 2019

With the constant rise of African storytelling in comic and animation peter is dedicated to bring only original content to the main stream.



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Val N. Valentine

is a professional writer with a vast working experience in creative idea generation and expansion for over a decade. He is behind numerous PEDA ENTERTAINMENT Titles and projects. He is always bringing in the best of his best and delivering smooth scripting approaches that help the flow of work for the artists. He is still pushing relentlessly to be the brains behind the many great stories PEDA Entertainment is yet to offer.


is a Bsc degree holder in architecture, a designer and artist, passionate about animation and the multimedia. She is well rounded in art, architecture and anthropometrics. She is teaming up with PEDA to create inspiring and functional ideas.


a young man with a desire to impact into others, Electronics & Communications Engineer by training, Full Stack Developer and Competitive Programmer.

Kayode Ogunyomi

has always had the passion to master the elements of story telling through comics since his early days. He is a professional, illustrator , colorists and a letterer , drawn to endless creative adventurers. Still, he presses on, unrelenting and willful, to become the best he can be in creative arts.

Isaiah ovie Gibson

is a director of photography, content creator and developer with a passion for story writing. He is knowledgeable in world history and African history, so he teams up with PEDA to produce African Inspired titles.

Jimmy king

is a passionate and professional illustrator, he started his journey into art at a very young age and has nurtured his passion into world class level. His attention to detail is one to reckon with and he brings his A game to PEDA -ENTERTAINMENT for the world.

Kehinde Sulu

Widely recognized for his passion of “adding value to life” through problems solving, Kehinde Sulu is a strong multi-skilled and dynamic Marketing and Finance Consultant. He has worked as an internal/External auditor, marketing executive, management accountant, head of account, and head of finance. Currently, he is the marketing and finance consultant for PEDA comics. He holds a professional degree in accounting (ACCA), a Master’s degree in International Finance as well as professional exercise in strategic marketing and financial Modelling


She is passionate about highlighting the beauty of Africa through art and as professional concept artist, she has worked with several local and international brands to showcase Africa and other African brands in several productions. She enjoys reading and gaining more knowledge about her craft in her spare time, eager to continue to grow in her craft. She also brings nothing but her A game and beyond to PEDA.

Ebenezer Akeju

is a passionate writer and student of mechanical engineering in the Federal University of Technology, Minna. He is absolutely infatuated with epic fantasy novels, movies and comics, Ebenezer strives to immerse readers in twisted and fun stories with the topping of diversities in African cultures Ebenezer has written the urban thriller comics, Aze and Bo, Uhuru and a children’s book, The invisible friend. Jinjiri is his debut epic fantasy. When he isn’t lost in his own fictional worlds or buried in school work, he spends time reading comics and novels, watching movies and sleeping — a little too much. He brings nothing but his A game to PEDA

Emmanuel Elbuba

is genius creator, concept artist and painter. He has the ability to create very unique and Original characters. He has decades of experience in the art of storytelling. He brings but his A game to PEDA for the world.

Alexander Ighoja

Is a professional Illustrator, animator and all round creative genius. He has decades of experience in content creation and design. He is also the creator of SHOWDOWN, a fantasy action packed comic book celebrating ,martial arts. He brings nothing but his A game to PEDA ENTERTAINMENT.

Kolade Olusegun

Is a professional Illustrator, animator and all round creative genius. He has decades of experience in content creation and design. He brings nothing but his A game to PEDA ENTERTAINMENT.