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The Revamped Amazing Tekkids

Introducing Chiamaka, the newest addition to the Amazing Tekkids franchise in the Peda universe. Chiamaka’s character is specifically created to showcase a different perspective of the African female child. In this expansion, we aim to delve into the unique challenges faced by young girls in demanding situations, while also exploring their personal growth experiences.

Tekkids has always been about empowering children to plan for the future, and our story takes a thrilling turn when the evil Doctor Nomed attempts to manipulate time to seize control of the future. Our young heroes find themselves unexpectedly transported to the past alongside him, leading them on an incredible journey of discovery and self-realization.

Stay tuned as production is underway, and we are excited to soon launch the new series. Chiamaka, a tech enthusiast with a passion for computer programming and gadget building, takes center stage. She has already earned recognition as the fastest computer programmer in the Academy. Alongside her love for swimming and dancing, she carries an all-purpose utility backpack that can transform into a four-legged spider-like vehicle, along with other ingenious gadgets to combat the forces of evil.

With her exceptional skills in computer programming, including a deep knowledge of PHP and advanced Java, Chiamaka is set to inspire young minds and demonstrate the limitless possibilities that await them.