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The Revamped Amazing Tekkids

Chiamaka is the new character in the Peda franchise Amazing tekkids. She is created to show another side of the African female child. previously we had just 1 girl but we want to expand on the challenges young girls face in a very demanding situation coupled with their growing up experiences. Tekkids is designed to help show kids the power of planning for the future as the story goes the evil doctor Nomed wants to reverse time to rule in the future butΒ  our young hero are dragged into the past with him.

This in turn ushers in a whole new adventure for the young heroes and sets them on a path to discovery and self realization. Do stay tuned as production is on the way and we will soon be launching the new series.

She’s a tech enthusiast, she loves computer programming and building gadgets. She won award as the fastest computer programmer in the Academy. She loves swimming and dancing. She is equipped with her all utility back pack which can transform to a four legged spider like Vehicle and other gadgets she uses to fight the bad guys.

She loves computer programming with a great knowledge of PHP and ADVANCED JAVA.