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We are in an era where we often think about the future as bleak as ever. The cruelty to the earth by man is well known by everyone on earth. This brings up about many questions about what could happen. If it will be any better or really bring forth the apocalypse?

Project Gaia explores this topic of pollution and if the earth undergoes a traumatic change with humans heavily affected. What will be the challenges? what will be the solution and so on. As we look at these issues we also build the PROJECT GAIA world with suspense, action, drama and some awesome storytelling.

PROJECT GAIA is set 200 years into the future, at this time the earth has gone through a geographical evolution and mankind is put to the ultimate test!
It is a story you wont want to miss.
Itโ€™s gonna be bumpy, crazy ride but Highly educative. Stay Tuned!