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DI ICHE a real NIGERIAN super hero

DI ICHE meaning Different in IGBO language is born out of the need to have an authentic Nigerian character who is gifted with amazing abilities and decides to change his environment. Peter the main character of this story is a Nigerian, born and bred. Just as every Nigerian who is not in the government hates the government.

He tries to pick up the mantle as the savior ofย  his people from the evil clutches of the KABAL. A cult which operates from the shadows. Events soon escalate towards a powerful showdown of good vs evil. The people of Nigeria are caught in the mix and only fate will decide.

DI ICHE Naija Anomaly is a action packed hero story, filled with loads of drama, comedy, suspense and supernatural occurrences that all together poses a very big question, where are we going as a nation?

One of the motivations of DI ICHE is Spiderman because we can see Peter Parker, an ordinary kid becoming a superhero and battles the bad guys in Newyork city. Unlike Spiderman he has to deal with the realities of a 3rd world country.

So join us in this epic adventure of Naija Drama and realities brought to you in a Global scale. We can promise you a whole new perspective in story telling.