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DI ICHE a real NIGERIAN super hero

DI ICHE, meaning “Different” in Igbo language, is a tale born out of the longing for an authentic Nigerian character who possesses remarkable abilities and seeks to bring about change in his environment. Meet Peter, the protagonist of this story, a proud Nigerian by birth and upbringing. Just like many Nigerians who are not involved in government affairs, Peter holds a deep resentment towards the government.

Driven by a desire to rescue his people from the oppressive grip of the KABAL, a clandestine cult operating in the shadows, Peter takes it upon himself to become their savior. As events unfold, tensions rise, leading to a climactic clash between good and evil. Caught in the midst of it all, the people of Nigeria can only rely on fate to determine their fate.

DI ICHE Naija Anomaly is a thrilling superhero tale filled with drama, comedy, suspense, and supernatural occurrences, all while posing a thought-provoking question: Where is our nation heading? Inspired by the likes of Spiderman, Peter Parker’s journey from an ordinary kid to a superhero battling villains in New York City, DI ICHE draws motivation. However, unlike Spiderman, Peter must confront the realities of a third-world country.

Embark on this epic adventure that blends Naija drama and the realities of life, presented on a global scale. Brace yourself for a captivating storytelling experience that will offer you a fresh perspective.